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With the advanced features of e-PayDay Go, you can effortlessly manage your payroll budget and payees, making cost centres an essential part of your payroll management process.

Manage  your payroll with Cost Centres using e-PayDay payroll software.

We're always pushing the boundaries with e-PayDay Go®, but we know that different businesses have different needs. So, we're making customising your experience easier than ever by only paying for the features you need. To avoid increasing our pricing, we have introduced two plan levels, Essential and Advanced, which are now available.

The Essential level provides all the necessary features to process your payroll while meeting the ATO and Fair Work requirements. Advanced offers further features and functionality that extend the capabilities of e-PayDay Go®.

The Advanced level offers robust Payroll functionality, delivering greater control over your payroll with Cost Centres.

After numerous months of development, we are thrilled to introduce the impressive initial features of the Advanced level. We are confident that you will find the added functionality very beneficial, and this is just the beginning of the journey.

e-Cost™ (Cost Centres) - is an ideal and simple solution for those situations when a payee works in multiple areas during the Pay Period, and costs are required by the employer for each separate area.

  • Manage pay runs by Cost Centres (Locations/Departments/Jobs).

  • Also offers precise control over Banking Accounts and Pay Period Dates when processing pay runs by Cost Centres.

  • Payroll Cost Centres can be strategically defined across three tiers to ensure comprehensive budget control, reporting and analysis.

  • Custom icons can be assigned to the different tiers, allowing for easy visual identification of the levels.

Here are a few straightforward examples of what can be accomplished with the new versatile payroll Cost Centre functionality.

Single Tier

Easily use single tier Cost Centres for processing pay runs by location with e-PayDay payroll

Two Tier

With e-PayDay payroll use two tier Cost Centres for reporting by locations and departments.

Three Tier

e-PayDay payroll offers complete granular control of Cost Centres with 3 tiers.

e-Personnel™ (HR Management) - This easy-to-use Human Resource Management feature allows you to store and maintain additional personal information regarding your most important resource … your payees. e-Personnel™ enables you to store extra employee information often maintained elsewhere.

  • The built-in comments allow you to keep individual free-form details about each employee.

  • You can also create reminders to automatically notify you of important tasks to be actioned for the individual payees.

  • Maintain Emergency Contacts (next of kin).

Check our Pricing details. Many new features and additions are in the development pipeline and will be announced over the coming months. Also, stay ahead with the recent changes in our Changelog.

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