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We strive to make payroll easier.

The essence of e-PayDay is providing well-crafted solutions to remove the pain of compliance from payroll.

Our Vision

The e-PayDay mission.

Our Mission

Since 1986 our primary objective has been to provide powerful payroll solutions that assist Businesses in meeting their mandatory legislative compliance obligations whilst hiding the complexity.


We aim to enable employers to concentrate solely on paying their employees, meeting the expected outcomes, and remaining compliant.

Our goal is to utilise Goverment provided resources whenever possible to look up and prefill payroll information, providing a seamless experience for our customers. 

Our Purpose

We aim to establish positive and supportive relationships with our customers to assist in dealing with the stress of managing payroll daily.

We constantly engage and often collaborate with multiple Government Bodies, Private Industries and Associations, suggesting resolutions to issues that negatively affect payroll professionals and employers.

This engagement includes providing visionary foresight into potential future solutions identified within the scope of our continuous software development life cycle.

e-PayDay, our purpose.
The e-PayDay Story.

Our Story

We started as a family business and continue to be one. In the beginning, our primary focus was to provide free payroll for businesses with fewer than six employees. We began developing software for MS-DOS in 1986, which then moved to early versions of Microsoft Windows.

We have consistently engaged with the Australia Taxation Office since the late 1980s. In 2015 we were invited to be part of the Single Touch Payroll journey and sent the first STP file to be successfully submitted and processed by the ATO on July 6, 2017.

Now we are road again with STP Phase 2 and continue to look forward to the future of payroll, and seeing advancements realised.

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