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Powerful free single touch cloud payroll software designed and produced in Australia.

e-PayDay Pty Ltd is a registered Australian Made Australian Made licensee.

No trial, no need; pay your first 2 employees 100% free! You pay nothing, zero, zilch, nada, nix, nought on our FREEPAY plan.

 and receive a 0% discount but obtain 100% value!!! 

Modern Awards sourced directly from Fair Work

Includes all the currently available Modern Awards and Classifications in "real-time" directly from the Fair Work Ombudsman.


e-PayDay Go Cloud Single Touch Payroll Fair Work Modern Awards list page.
e-PayDay Go Cloud Single Touch Payroll Closely Held Payee.

Easily add and report Closely Held Payees

A closely held payee is an individual directly related to the entity from which they receive payments.

Such as:

  • family members of a family business

  • directors or shareholders of a company

  • beneficiaries of a trust.

Caters for all types of Leave Accruals

Simple accrual set-up and maintenance assisting in tracking your leave liabilities.


  • Annual Leave

  • Sick and Carers Leave

  • Long Service Leave

  • Paid Family Domestic Violence Leave (PFDVL)

  • Rostered Days Off (RDO)

e-PayDay Go Cloud Single Touch Payroll Accruals.png
e-PayDay Go Cloud Single Touch Payroll Superannuation Management page.png

Ready for Pay Day Superannuation

e-PayDay Go provides built-in Superannuation Management, making light work of meeting your reporting and payment obligations.

Seamless functionality:

  • Removes the need for the Small Business Clearing House (SBSCH).

  • Easily create a SuperStream SAFF file containing your payees' superannuation details and contributions. 

  • Produce a Banking File for efficient processing of the superannuation fund payments.

  • Ready-built for the future payday superannuation requirements. 

Begin by selecting a free plan, and as your business needs change, choose a different plan.

Start with a free plan and upgrade as your business grows. Our flexible options allow you to easily adjust your subscription to suit your changing needs.

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