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Our Features

We have categorised the main features and functionality below, but many more are available. Keep checking back for details about our exciting new additions.

  • Fully configurable and and can meet a myriad of requirements.
    Global options can be easily customised to meet the needs of the Organisation, read more.
  • Supports an ABN (Australian Business Number) or a WPN (Withholding Payer Number).
    You can use e-PayDay Go with either a ABN or WPN. A Withholding Payer Number (WPN) is allocated to individuals and some non-individuals who have withholding obligations under Pay as You Go (PAYG) but do not have an Australian Business Number (ABN). Individuals who hire household help like nannies, carers, cleaners, gardeners or housekeepers may also need WPNs. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) allows for direct staff employment if you self-manage your NDIS funding. The ATO issues a WPN to certain partners in partnerships and non-individual entities who are not eligible for an ABN. This is only offered to entities that have PAYG withholding obligations and are required to pay super for eligible employees. Read more.
  • Easily set up Agreements for Directors or for "Award Free" situations.
    Agreements can be set up for situations where an Award is required such as Directors.
  • Includes every Modern Award and Classification sourced directly from Fair Work.
    Real time availability of the Modern Awards direct from Fair Work availably directly within e-PayDay Go.
  • Easliy track Leave Accruals and obtain Liability reports.
    Manage Annual, Sick, Long Service Leave and PFDVL (Paid Family Domestic Violence Leave). Management aslo includes complete tracking of leave dates.
  • Easy pre-set pay template.
    You configure Pay Rates, Allowances, and Deductions to be automatically included in a pay run, read more. You can also add Pay Types as required when processing a pay run, read more.
  • Multiple Payee Tax Treatments are available.
    The following Payee Tax Treatments are available and under development. Regular Seniors and Pensioners No TFN Working Holiday Maker Foreign Resident Seasonal Worker Programme Horticulturists and Shearers Actors (Future Release) Voluntary Agreement (Future Release) ATO-Defined (Future Release) A payee can have multiple Tax Treatments and Income Streams (types) without the need to duplicate their information (using the same Payroll ID), read more.
  • Deductions can be automatically banked.
    Easily set up deduction banking for automatic transfers when processing your ABA file. Ideal for Child Support and other payments to be automatically deducted from the payees' net amount when the payment is processed.
  • Allows for multiple Bank Accounts.
    You can create an unlimited number of bank accounts to disburse payments when processing an ABA file, read more.
  • Includes many Human Resource features.
    Includes HR features such as: Emergency Contacts (next of kin) Comments Set Reminders Store Documents
  • Automatic pay run processing from a file.
    The e-PayDay Go FAST-Pay feature allows you to import a file from an external source to automatically process a pay run. The available formats are; CSV XML JSON Read more . . .
  • Easily vary the PAYGW calculation.
    You can easily set the an amount to add to Tax if requested by the employee. You have the ability to set a $ amount or a % of the Gross.
  • Add dates on Pay Lines.
    You can record the date of every pay line when processing pay run. Ideal for recording payments daily.
  • Automatic tax calculations.
    e-PayDay Go offers comprehensive support for Australian payroll calculations and complexities, including the following tax schedules, scales and treatments when processing a pay run. Schedules Schedule 1 – Statement of formulas for calculating amounts to be withheld Medicare levy adjustment Tax Offsets Schedule 2 – Tax table for individuals employed in the horticultural or shearing industry Schedule 3 – Tax table for actors, variety artists and other entertainers Schedule 4 – Tax table for return to work payments Schedule 5 – Tax table for back payments, commissions, bonuses and similar payments Schedule 7 – Tax table for unused leave payments on termination of employment Schedule 8 – Statement of formulas for calculating study and training support loans components Schedule 9 – Tax table for seniors and pensioners Schedule 11 – Tax table for employment termination payments Schedule 14 - Tax table for additional amounts to withhold as a result of an agreement to increase withholding Schedule 15 – Tax table for working holiday makers Other Withholding from leave payments for continuing employees Read more.
  • Three levels of Cost Centres.
    Easily configure, primary, secondary and tertiary cost centres.
  • Multiple types of Pay Runs are supported.
    Pay runs can be processed for Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly payees as follows; Regular - used for regular pay run cycles. Out-of-cycle - when an ad-hoc payment is required, e.g., termination payment, correction, etc. Missed - when a pay run has been previously processed and a payment made but not STP reported.
  • Supports concessional and non-concessional Salary Sacrifice deductions.
    Both concessional and non-concessional Salary Sacrifice deductions can be easily configured in the Payee Master File. RESC (Reportable Employer Superannuation Contributions) can also be set up.
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