Serious Payroll Power

e-PayDay® can be used for the small business with just one employee, to large multi-company organisations with hundreds of employees. e-PayDay® is used in a wide range of industries which include Horticultural, Security, Real Estate, Tourism, Engineering, Clubs, Service Stations, Medical, Chemists, Construction, Hardware, Hotels, Employment Agencies, Payroll Bureaus, and many more.

Serious Payroll Power!

With e-PayDay® your employee's pays can now be processed in minutes or hours, not days. You have greater flexibility with employee payments, saving you valuable time and money. The amount of payroll information Government Legislation requires a business to maintain, has multiplied considerably over the past few years, and is continually changing; greatly increasing the time taken to process a payroll. The recording of payroll information manually, has seen the cost involved with preparation, maintenance and time, escalate; compared with using an automated in-house, computerised payroll system. A manual payroll system ONLY allows you to record very basic payroll information. The employer is still required to manually calculate Tax, Medicare Variation Adjustments, Superannuation Guarantee, and many other mandatory reporting requirements.

A manual system also does not provide for the detailed reporting that is now required under the various Awards, Industrial and Taxation Legislation; which is vital for efficient and effective payroll management. If you have your payroll processed outside of your business; your own in-house computerised payroll system can completely eliminate mistakes that can be associated with the transfer and input of information often experienced with outside payroll processing services. Designed with the ‘outside world’ in mind, e-PayDay®'s modular design makes communicating with other software and hardware easy. Let e-PayDay® process your pays automatically within minutes, giving you maximum control and flexibility, greatly reducing the possibility of errors.

e-PayDay® Serious Payroll Power