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Stay updated with the latest Fair Work Commission National Minimum Award Rate increase effortlessly with our powerful new tool!

From the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2024, the adult minimum award wages increased by 3.75%. In response to the award rate increase, we have launched our new Update Awards feature, which was developed by integrating the Fair Work Commission MAPD API. This functionality streamlines the important task of changing the hourly rate to align with revisions established by the FWC.

Modern awards rates changed dashboard alert with jiggiling check now button.

Upon logging into e-PayDay Go, a notification will appear on the dashboard, prompting you to review the current Modern Awards in use.

Our Update Award feature makes light work of the increase.

With this simple but powerful tool, you can choose whether to adjust the above-award rate in accordance with the rise or absorb the change.

The e-PayDay Go Update Award feature automates the Award Rate increase.s

Adjustments due to the award rate increase can be readily implemented for the payee.

Once you have completed reviewing the Awards and made the necessary changes, you can review the payees. As many calculations within the payees are based upon the Award, each payee must be reviewed, ensuring accuracy when processing a pay run.

Award details have been changed payees prompt.

When processing a pay run, you are prompted if the Award details are changed, ensuring you don't overlook meeting your obligations.

When processing a pay run, you will be notified if there are changes to the Award to review.

Award details changed alert when processing a pay run

Simply edit the employees, and a notification will show you the changes.

Enhancements to e-PayDay Go are ongoing to improve core capabilities and assist with arduous compliance requirements.

Our dedicated and passionate development team continuously work on creating new features and tools to help employers fulfil their payroll responsibilities, and we have numerous exciting new additions on the way.

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