Single Touch Payroll Cloud Software ideal for 99% of Businesses BIG or small, no matter what you do!

e-PayDay is Single Touch Payroll Enabled
Australian Made Single Touch Payroll Software.
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Cloud Single Touch Payroll

Powerful by design, allowing you to meet the latest ATO requirements and assisting with your Fair Work compliance obligations. Comprehensive, cost-effective, easy to maintain whilst offering so much more. 


e-PayDay Go is ideal for almost any sized business.

Keyboard and Mouse

Looking for cost-effective Single Touch Payroll for the Desktop? 

e-PayDay STP desktop products help obtain the optimum performance by providing features that you expect from a comprehensive system starting including Telephone Support and upgrades.

  • Easily keep track of Annual, Sick, and Long Service leave accruals

  • Superannuation calculations

  • Salary Sacrifice

  • Allowances

  • Emailing pay slips

  • and secure transfer of payments to employee bank accounts.


Includes Australian Taxation Office (ATO) reporting with no additional hidden costs. 


Do you have fewer than 3 Employees and need to report to the Australian Taxation Office now? 

If you do, download our 100% free payroll solution for the desktop and start reporting now! Free for the first 2 employees - with an offer this good, you probably can’t help but ask yourself, “What’s the catch?”.


Well, let us assure you that this is a genuine offer, with absolutely no strings attached! e-PayDay has been designed for Australian Businesses with 1 to over 1000 employees, you can use e-PayDay FREEPAY 100% FREE! 


100% Australian Payroll Software 

Our STP Payroll software is designed and produced entirely in Australia and we are proud to be a licensee of the Australian Made Logo since 1987.

Since 1987 we have been providing software that embraces your payroll needs no matter what type of business you have.
Designing and developing Payrol Software for over 30 years.