See who's


The Biometric Time and Attendance Clock includes built-in software.


The built-in software allows you to keep track of employee time attendance records. See who's in clocked in or out, anytime from anywhere.


With its software and hardware built into the unit itself - this means there is NO additional software, licenses ongoing subscriptions or expensive implementation and maintenance costs!

Will full access control, open Doors, Gates

Door access is a critical function of all facilities, whether the purpose is security or safety the need to know who is trying to gain entry or exit from a facility is becoming more important in all businesses.

The embedded application feature of the Biometric Time and Attendance Clock provides secure internet access and simple management of the access control system.

  • Who is IN, who is OUT, which door they used, when - all available via the web browser interface.​

  • Remote door open and data backup/restore operations can also be accessed via the web browser.

  • Even messages can be left on the Time and Attendance Biometric Clock screen for users - again, all set via the web browser!

The Biometric Time and Attendance Clock Access Manager client-server application can update in real time, updating as and when events happen, or will update at a user defined time. With a real time monitoring option, the Biometric Time and Attendance Clock Access Manager offers security officers the option to monitor door events, and see the ID and photo of individual who is authenticating. All records are stored in a user selected database format.



The Time and Attendance Clock is a wall-mountable unit with a very small footprint and can be conveniently installed anywhere.


Replace your Time Sheets or Bundy Clock with a biometric device that ensures accurate employee work hours are recorded.


The built-in camera module allows for the Time and Attendance Clock to take snapshots of accepted or rejected attempts.


Economical & cost-saving with all Software & Hardware built-in. There is no additional monthly subscription required to be purchased.