The Biometric Time and Attendance Clock is the only device you will require to capture your employees start and finish time.

No more worry about who is at work and what time did they arrive. With the opportunity to securely post information to the web you do not even have to be at work to see who is "IN" and who is "OUT".


With its software and hardware built into the unit itself - this means there is NO additional software, licenses or expensive implementation and maintenance costs!


The Biometric Time and Attendance Clock is a simple plug and play device that needs a 12V DC power supply and RJ45 network cable connection (for network connectivity) and the installation is complete!


The Biometric Time and Attendance Clock is a world-class SSL-protected Access Control and Time Attendance System with web-based Biometrics and Smart Card Technology.

Add a camera and help eliminate buddy punching and avoid other fraudulent behaviour.


The Biometric Time and Attendance Clock supports an optional built-in CMOS camera module. The built-in CMOS camera module allows for the Biometric Time and Attendance Clock to take snapshots of accepted or rejected attempts at the unit. The images can also be downloaded and saved on your PC with the Biometric Time and Attendance Clock server software. They can be cross referenced with pictures of the employee on the PC during enrollment.

Biometric Time and Attendance Clock can store up to a 500 images on its web interface, which can be viewed under "View Event Log". Once the maximum has been reached, the first image captured will be deleted automatically to make room for the future images. You can avoid losing images by backing them up. You can also download the event log with the images automatically in real time from the device. The images can be kept for future reference or reporting.



The built-in software allows you to keep track of employee time attendance records. See who's in clocked in or out, anytime from anywhere.


The unit is designed to operate over an extended temperature range and will continue to deliver even in extreme weather conditions. 


A 24/7 security management solution that is easy to use and manage with simple access via any web browser from anywhere in the world. 


Economical & cost-saving with all Software & Hardware built-in. There is no additional monthly subscription required to be purchased.