Why your Small Business can Benefit from Online Payroll Programs

Have you just started out with your small enterprise, or have you been in business for many years? In either case, if you have members of staff to pay, then you probably know how easy it is to get bogged down at the end of the month with laborious payroll runs. No matter if you do it yourself, or have an accounting or admin office to do it for you, the whole process takes you and your staff away from other important tasks.

It’s a task that has plagued managers and owners for years; how to efficiently manage an active payroll system without having to spend too much time counting numbers, calculating tax and running the figures. Now, with the advances in intelligent payroll software, combined with the convenience of cloud computing, there’s a small business payroll program in Australia that fits the bill perfectly.

Allow Us to Introduce e-PayDay – A Powerful and Efficient Small Business Payroll Program

Regardless of whether your staff works inside or outside, e-PayDay offers a powerful solution to your company; that is also easy to run and administer. It takes the stress away from having to do all the calculations manually, and in many cases, it can run completely automated. Your admin department will thank you endlessly for implementing e-PayDay, as it can process a pay run with a single click, considering manual or biometric time sheets and working out tax calculations on the fly. It can even pay your staff by bank transfer and email them payslips.

A built-in time and attendance award interpreter adds up your staff’s working hours and calculates their pay quickly and easily. If you already have a time sheet system in place, that system can be integrated too.

It’s easy to see why small business payroll programs are being widely used across Australia when they can adapt to suit companies of virtually any size and are totally ATO compliant and have built-in PAYG compatibility for when tax scales change.  Not only is this convenient, but it can also help avoid picking up penalties and fines from the tax office.

It's also very effectual when you want to interrogate the system to produce reports on staff attendance, and a host of other important metrics. You have full access to all your data wherever you are (if you have a connection to the Internet) with the ability to produce many reports on how much you’re paying your staff and when.

Choose ePayDay for Cloud Based Payroll with Information at your Fingertips.

e-PayDay Pty Ltd has been operating since 1987, so we have a wealth of knowledge and information on all types of small business. It is with this in mind that we believe we have produced perhaps the best small business payroll program online available on the market today. With the ability to run entirely automatically, freeing up valuable resources you can use elsewhere, we guarantee this software will pay for itself quickly.

For more information, call 1300 EPAYDAY today to find out more, and to make your payroll system efficient, comfortable and convenient to use.

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