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Version 5.04
Released 05/03/2013
  • Updated the text when a company archive is opened to show the archive year.

  • Added Location combo the Employee List form. This can be used to sort/filter employee locations.

  • When ‘Drilling down’ to edit either the Employee or Award, and you exit either window. The list window will automatically close.

  • e-Time Basic™ BETA is no longer enabled.


Issues Resolved
  • Paying to ‘Multi-Super’ funds (i.e. employee super going to more than one fund) was not reporting correctly in some of the Superannuation reports.

  • Generating reports from archive data can cause an error due to invalid characters in the Company Trading or Full Company Name.

  • System error would occur when a new employee was created and HRM information was entered before saving.

Version 5.03
Released 18/02/2013
  • Sorted the Available Pay Rates/Allowances/Deductions/Cost Centres items in the dropdown on the Employee Form in the Basic Pay Setup section by ID. If there are to many items in the dropdown, some paytypes can appear to be missing.

  • When updating the ‘Hours paid at’ value in an Award, a message will appear to advise that the amounts may need to updated in the ‘Advanced Pay Run’ setup if there are one or more employees that use that Award and those employees are using an ‘Advanced Pay Setup’.


Issues Resolved
  • Changed the output file for Registration of Company details.

  • Fixed Employer Period Superannuation Contributions report which was showing dates with zero dollar amounts.

  • Some employees TFN were not being saved to the Superannuation export CSV file.

  • The ‘Pay Advice Summary’ report would not display correct information when ‘Report By’, ‘Terminated Employees’ was selected.

Version 5.02
Released 31/01/2013
  • A breakdown of the Tax amount in the Pay Run window is displayed when the mouse cursor is placed over the Tax figure.

  • Option to set e-Time to highlight groups of In/Out columns.

  • Updated contact details in the About Window.

  • Updated ‘Net Pay’ label in the Pay Run Window.

  • When updating a employee record, and making a change to the ‘Award Rate’ value. And the employee is using an ‘Advanced Pay Setup’. A message will appear to inform then that they may need to update figures in the ‘Advanced Pay Run’.

  • When attempting to send a test email additional information is shown in the error message.

  • Show Backup and Restore for Client menu options for MC software serials.

  • When paying a Super Fund, the Expected Payment Date is set using the current date and the fund period.


Issues Resolved
  • Export during a pay run which uses Deductions resulted in a system error.

  • The ‘Duplicate’ option under the ‘File’ menu was not visible.

  • Allow cut ‘Ctrl+X’ within the timesheet system.

  • Employees born on 29/02 would show a warning error in the pay run.

  • Annual Leave Paytypes were not calculating correctly under certain conditions.

  • The Sort By controls in the Pay Run List window do not sort correctly. Location sort was not working properly.

  • When clearing times in e-Time in the Employee windows. They would be re-loaded from the database. You are now prompted to save empty times.

  • Save a new employee would sometimes result in a system error.


Version 5.01
Released 10/12/2012
Issue Resolved
  • Fixed various Windows 8 issues, such as :- Saving Employee Data Opening the Pay Run Window Finalising a pay run Payslip Report preview.

  • After entering a password, a message would appear and no further actions could be performed.


Version 5
Released 03/12/2012
  • Pay Day Dashboard.

  • Add Wish List to Help Menu.

  • Automatically creates a Rollback Restore Point when finalising a pay run.

  • Copy Award function on Awards List Window.

  • Copy Pay Types function on Pay Types List Window.

  • Copy Company Function.

  • Report configuration Window. Can now mark reports as inactive so they don’t show in the Reports List Window.

  • Complete Data Backup option added which backs up all data files including Archives.

  • Sort by Unpaid Employees in Pay Run List Window.

  • Accrual Tracking Report alphabetically sorted.

  • Employee Emergency Contact List Report.

  • Employee Email List Report.

  • Weeks Per Year – Added user defined field in Company Window.


  • Remove Message and Tab of Tax Scale 7.

  • Changed Icon in Tax Scales.

  • Changed Award LSL description on Employee form.

  • Move the location of the label Industry Award Super.

  • Change Password txt box style on Company Form.

  • Moved Period Start Date Label on Super Manager Form.

  • When adding a Company save the case in Folder Name.

  • In Company Window, widen Fields to cater for large fonts.

  • Moved the position of Employee Name label on Employee Window.

  • Changed ‘new’ to ‘NEW’ when adding an employee.

  • Award Name increased to 35 characters on Awards Window.

  • Changed Labels on Deduction Payee Window.

  • Changed Icon for TAX Withholding Account (to Robber) in FAST-Bank™ combo on Company Window.

Issues Resolved
  • Fixed Days Worked YTD to show ONLY YTD not days worked since starting employment.

  • If you cant send email take straight to email settings same with company registration key.

  • Fix for TIL not showing on payslip.

  • Fix message that says that there window open when there are none.

  • Checked spelling of Accrual throughout e-PayDay®.

  • In Pay Run window if message displayed that a line needs to be recalculated (using the enter key) then cancel should still allow you to exit. Code updated to process all grid lines then user can click any button.

  • Fix Labels on Pay Run Window A-(B+C+D).

  • Fixed Pay Run Payroll Analysis Reports from Pay Run Window.

  • Changed information being reported on Superannuation reports, SGLFund.rpt and SGL.rpt

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