Series 20

V20.44 - Released 7 May 2020​​​

Issues Resolved
V20.43 - Released 27 April 2020​​
  • Additional JobKeeper Guidance has been provided by the ATO, follow our guide here.

  • Long Service Leave Years Value will no longer be cleared if the TAB key is not pressed to change fields.

  • Updated the e-PayDay Support Dashboard

  • Updated ALL Alerts within the software to provide the ability to self log support requests through our website here

Issues Resolved
  • Total Tax Withheld can now be higher than Gross Payments, to cater for Employees solely receiving the JOBKEEPER-TOPUP

  • When completing the electronic Tax File Number Declaration, an Employee's Tax Treatment / Australian Residency cannot be changed.

  • Once the Software Serial Number was updated, some Extensions would no longer function as the Key was invalid

  • An error would be displayed when editing the following Employee Types advising the TFN was invalid. A TFN is NOT required for this Employee Type, rather an ABN.

    • Sole Trader 

    • Government Organisation,​

    • Superannuation Fund

    • Trust 

    • Corporation

    • Partnership 

V20.42 - Released 17 April 2020​​
  • Single Touch Payroll Start SBR2 Client window will now disappear once the SBR2 Client has opened.

Issues Resolved

  • Single Touch Payroll Reportable Employer Superannuation Guarantee (specifically contributions (over 9.50%) as part of an employee's individual salary package) will no longer be deducted from the Employees Gross Income.

  • Single Touch Payroll Allow the ability to process Pay Runs that overlap (eg. Payment Date 2/04, Period Ending 3/04, then Payment Date 2/04, Period Ending 2/04)

V20.41 - Released 16 April 2020​

Issues Resolved

  • Previously Weekly Single Touch Payroll Pay Run submissions could not be sent BEFORE Fortnightly and Monthly Pay Run submissions. 

V20.40 - Released 8 April 2020

Issues Resolved

V20.30 - Released 10 February 2020


Issues Resolved

V20.10 - Released 1 August 2019


  • As Single Touch Payroll Reporting is now mandatory for all Employers, you can use e-PayDay® for free for up to 2 employees. Once you employ your third employee, a purchased Subscription is required to continue.

  • With Single Touch Payroll Reporting being mandatory for all Employers, SBR (previous EOFY reporting method) has been removed.

  • SBR (previous EOFY reporting method) has been removed, any clients set to this reporting format will be automatically updated to PSAR upon installation of this release.

  • Where the Reporting format is set to PSAR, a reminder alert has been implemented into Pay Day to advise STP is not enabled, and provides a link to the Single Touch Payroll Getting Started Guide.

  • Due to Single Touch Payroll Reporting, the Employees Employee Code can no longer be changed once a pay run has been processed for them.

  • The latest version of e-PayDay® will no longer install if the program is open while performing an upgrade.

  • Updated all instances of End of Financial Year to End Of Financial Year.

Issues Resolved

  • Updated SBR2 Client, which is included in Version 20.10 install, to allow the user to enter their correct Username and Password, in the event they have been entered into e-PayDay® incorrectly.

  • The Practice Company has been updated to remove the ability to add new Employees and edit the example Employees, as some users have used the Practice Company instead of creating their own Company by following the Getting Started Guide.

  • With the implementation of e-PayDay® 10 Desktop and e-PayDay® 10 Hosted, Help e-PayDay® Support has been updated to now display the correct Software Client Number (SCN).

  • Restore Data from Accountant will now prevent you from restoring if it will cause you to exceed the number of allowed Companies in your Subscription.

  • Both Mobile Phone and Home Phone Numbers are now accepted for your Employees in Single Touch Payroll Reporting.

  • Removed Invalid Phone Number from the Pre-Pay Run STP Health Check alert, to re-enable access to the Pay Run Window once pays have already been composed.

  • Added Invalid Phone Number to the Pre-Pay Run Posting STP Health Check alert, to ensure you STP event is created without error.

  • The Allowance YTD Summary Report was not displaying all Employees who were paid a reportable allowance.

  • A Tax File Declaration Form is only required to be completed and submitted for PAYG Employees, Working Holiday Makers, and J.P.D.A Employees as part of your Single Touch Payroll Reporting.

  • Removed the ability to create a Tax File Declaration Form for the following Employee Types as they cannot be reported with Single Touch Payroll;

    • Sole Trader

    • Partnership

    • Corporation

    • Trust

    • Superannuation Fund

    • Government (organization)

    • Other Non-Individual, and

    • Foreign Employees.

V20.00 - Released 1 July 2019

  • Practice Company has been updated to FYE 30 June 2020.

  • Updated all instances of e-PayDay® Cloud to e-PayDay® Hosted.

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