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The payroll process is arguably more complicated today than it has ever been before. Thanks to the ever-growing list of requirements that government imposes on businesses—regarding what information they must collect, store and report—puts a sizable burden on companies that tend to manage payroll manually. Automated systems help simplify the payroll process drastically, but some businesses fear that these systems—particularly the most 'feature-rich' ones—are just too expensive.

Luckily, there is an affordable and powerful online automated payroll program. At e-PayDay Pty Ltd, our Australian payroll program software offers the best of both worlds. We give you an affordable price that makes upgrading from a manual system to our automated payroll software a thoroughly logical choice. However, we also incorporate procedures and functions that you might normally find in more expensive payroll software. This way, you get the powerful online payroll program that you need to move your payroll processes into the 21st century, and you get it without having to give up an arm and a leg.

Key Features of the e-PayDay System

Not all e-PayDay solutions are the same. On the contrary, our payroll program is modular, so that businesses can customise it to suit their needs. We also have Desktop and Cloud products, to suit a broader range of businesses.

With that said, though, the key benefits of the e-PayDay payroll program in Australia remain largely consistent. Here are a few of those key advantages that you can expect from our feature-rich payroll systems:

  • Built-in time and attendance tracking: With the e-PayDay payroll system, time and attendance tracking are built-in features. Your system will automatically track employee hours, days off and more. In turn, this attendance and time information is converted directly to pay.

  • Customer support: The e-PayDay payroll program allows for instant and robust customer support online or via telephone. Work with an online representative to learn the ropes of our payroll program or troubleshoot issues, or call directly to ask a question.

  • Easy remote access (for cloud platform): If you opt for the online payroll program, you will get instant access to your payroll program. This access can happen from anywhere, on any device—from Mac and Windows computers to Android or iOS mobile devices.

  • Automated calculations: No more pen-and-paper calculations for important payroll reporting requirements. e-PayDay automatically calculates employee tax (PAYG), accruals, annual leave or time off, termination pays and more.

  • Total compliance: e-PayDay is completely compliant with the Australian Taxation Office and the Fair Work Commission. Our programs have also been adapted to suit legislative requirements like SuperStream, Standard Business Reporting and Single Touch Payroll. Using our programs, you can avoid costly breakdowns in compliance.

Start Reaping the Benefits of Our Australian Payroll Program Software Today

Whether you want a desktop payroll program or an online payroll program, e-PayDay can help. Our powerful automated payroll systems are versatile and affordable—perfect for businesses of any size. Call us on 1300 EPAYDAY to learn more about our products and their considerable benefits.

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