Invest in Online Payroll Systems to Streamline your Australian Business

Whether your company is large or small, the chances are you have several employees working for you. They are the life and blood of your business, either out on the road performing some essential task, or in the office manning a help desk or doing essential administration. If you're a good manager, and the work your company does is interesting, then there's a good chance you have happy employees too – but they don't work for you just because they enjoy it! No – they are there because they are earning an essential wage. A wage that allows them to get a mortgage put food on the table and pay the bills.

Paying the bills is something you need to do too – in the way of paying wages to your staff. You perhaps already have a way of doing this, but have you considered there may be a better and more efficient solution?


Be More Efficient with Payroll Systems Online

Many companies are now turning to automated payroll systems in Australia, to make their admin departments function better with more efficiency. How, exactly, does an automated system do this, though? Well, firstly, with software such as e-PayDay, you can virtually automate the entire payroll system, and because the software is cloud-based, you or your managers can access the software from anywhere with a broadband connection. It makes organising payroll extremely convenient, and allows your team to focus more on tasks that bring in money, rather than a time-consuming admin task that doesn’t.

Already, then, you can see the advantage of online payroll systems, but you probably have some questions as to how software like e-PayDay can integrate with your company. After all, nearly all businesses are different.

Let’s say for example some of your staff work on an hourly rate, and they work away from the office. You trust them to submit their timesheets, but it takes time for those sheets to be submitted and approved, and then entered onto your existing system. With e-PayDay, your workers can submit their timesheets online, and their managers will automatically receive an email when they do. It’s then a simple process for the manager to approve the time with a click of a button from wherever they are. The system can then calculate the worker’s pay and send out their pay slip automatically by email.


The Changing Face of Australian Payroll Systems

Australian payroll systems are fast becoming the method of choice for companies all over the country. Even for businesses where their staff are entirely office-based, it frees up the time of admin staff and allows them to concentrate on tasks that matter. e-PayDay even calculates employee tax automatically and makes it easy to work out termination pay when an employee leaves. It's easy to see why people are turning to companies like e-PayDay Pty Ltd to help them with their payroll woes.

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