Buy a Time and Attendance System to Prevent Fraud

If your business has been considering using an online payroll service in Australia, we have the best option for you. e-PayDay! We provide payroll services in Australia to companies large and small that allow them to maintain control over their payroll in an easy to use, cost effective format.

We know that in most businesses, it often falls on the owner or some other management person to accumulate the payroll data and then communicate that information to the accountant or bookkeeper to prepare the payroll and either issue paychecks or transfer the funds by Electronic Funds Transfer. That person usually has a myriad of other management responsibilities, and managing the payroll takes them away from those tasks that they are really good at and are vital to the operation of the company.

How Do Online Payroll Services Work?

With e-PayDay online payroll services, your business can choose either a desktop or cloud based payroll system. We provide you with payroll services in Australia, software, and all the training you need. While that training is comprehensive, learning our highly intuitive system is a snap! We provide this training to you online and with real people on the telephone, so you can train at your convenience, in your own office.

Once your system is set up, you can access it online from anywhere! You can enter and maintain employee’s personal and employment details via password control. You can pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You can even choose your own custom pay period if you wish. The Tax Scale is then automatically chosen based on the ATO information inputted for that employee. The software assures payroll compliance and calculates the payroll tax. It also provides Standard Business Reporting (SBR).

You can set up your own awards and compensation preferences. The online payroll service can then assign pay types such as, Base Rate, Leave, Termination, Double Time or Time and a Half, Commissions, Days off, Shift Rates, etc. with no limit!

Do Australian Payroll Services Meet Government Requirements?

Our software is fully Superstream Compliant and allows you to control all requirements of the Federal Government, State and Award Superannuation Guarantee in one location.

You simply input the payroll data and the funds are transferred, and pay stubs are e-mailed to the employees. You can save the data, so if you have employees with regular hours or salaries, you do not have to input that data every time.

With our Time and Attendance functions, you can track your employees' hours worked using a computer station, time cards or specific hardware provided by us that can even have biometric functions and be waterproof! Whatever the working conditions for your employees, we can make your payroll easier!

e-PayDay is a powerful cost effective way to handle all of your payroll needs. It is easy to use, time saving and fully automated. With e-PayDay payroll services online, you can get back to doing what you do best, running your business. Don’t let all of the tasks associated with your present payroll processing rob you of the thing that is most valuable to the ongoing success of your business. You’re time and attention!

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