Is your software Single Touch Payroll-enabled?

e-PayDay Pty Ltd is part of the Single Touch Payroll consultative process and is involved with the STP Advisory Group the STP Design Working Group and the STP Technical Working Group. We are helping businesses transition to Single Touch Payroll by providing upgrades to e-PayDay® and providing new products.


A limited release of Single Touch Payroll was started on the 1 July 2017 for a small number of employers. These employers are able to report payroll information through a few Single Touch Payroll enabled solutions. Single Touch Payroll operates with limited functionality for this select group.
We have provided an updated Single Touch Payroll enabled version of e-PayDay® to a select number of Employers. Our first STP file was successfully submitted and processed by the ATO on the 6 July 2017. The submission was also available on the ATO Business Portal.


e-PayDay Pty Ltd offers a range of powerful yet cost-effective payroll solutions ideal for most Business requirements.