e-PayDay® Hosted payroll has exactly the same functionality as the Single Touch Payroll Desktop product with the added benefit of being able to access your payroll from almost anywhere on any supported device, Mac, iPad, Android or Windows. Learn more about e-PayDay®'s advanced payroll features.

Works on most Devices & Platforms

All you need is compatible device, a web browser and a broadband connection.


Advanced Data Security

Your data security is a top priority. e-PayDay® in the Cloud is securely hosted with mirrored servers across multiple locations to safeguard your data, you can also backup data on your local hard drive.


Payroll Peace of Mind

Complete peace of mind with the convenience of accessing your payroll from anywhere, at anytime over the internet.
Automatically receive all product updates and upgrades to keep you up to date with the latest tax tables and other legislative changes.

All products allow for the maximum number of employees as indicated for each individual Company (not a combined total). Each product also caters for an UNLIMITED number of terminated employees.

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