Maintain comprehensive employee personal and employment Information


You have the ability to enter and maintain employee's personal and employment details via password control. Caters for Full Time, Part Time and Casual employees paid Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly or any other pay period. The appropriate Tax Scale is AUTOMATICALLY assigned to each employee in accordance with the ATO details that are entered in the employee file.

  • You have the ability to enter and maintain employee's personal and employment details via PASSWORD control.

  • Caters for;

    • Full Time,

    • Part Time,

    • and Casual employees.

  • Paid; 

    • Weekly,

    • Fortnightly,

    • Monthly,

    • or any other pay period.

  • An extensive amount of details may be maintained including; 

    • the Employees photo,

    • Address,

    • email address (ideal for sending Pay Advice Slips and Payment Summaries),

    • Termination details,

    • Leave Accruals,

    • YTD Balances,

    • Tax File Number,

    • Medicare, and Taxation variations (spouse and dependant offsets etc.),

    • Fringe Benefits Tax,

    • Superannuation Guarantee,

    • Salary Sacrifice,

    • Workcover,

    • 5 different pay methods (EFT, Cash, Cheque, Location/Department),

    • Comments (additional information) etc. 

  • Upon entry of the employee's date of birth, e-PayDay® will automatically calculate the employee's age, which is also displayed when processing a pay run. Ideal for those situations where you wish to be notified of an impending birthday or anniversary to enable you to make the necessary employment changes.

  • Awards, Pay Rates, Allowances, Deductions and Superannuation Guarantee Funds can all be allocated in the employee file and pre-set for 'one click' pay runs. The employment conditions that you have set are typically used in calculating the employees pay. 

  • e-Leave® included, enables you to maintain a complete register of the leave that an employee has taken.

  • Caters for all types of leave including,

    • Annual Leave,

    • Sick,

    • Rostered Days Off,

    • Time-in-Lieu,

    • Long Service,

    • Public Holidays etc.

  • Employees can be added at any time during the fiscal year.

  • Overseas addresses can be entered. Ideal for situations where employees are residing overseas or if they move overseas during their employment.

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