Employee Costing is now a simple task not a complicated chore


e-Cost™ is an ideal and simple solution for those situations when an employee works in multiple locations
during the pay period, and costs are required by the employer for each separate location. You may have a
situation where an employee works in Sales for part of his normal pay period, works in Service and
Administration the remainder, and require costings for each of these centres.

You may have a situation where an employee works on different Jobs throughout the pay period and costings are required for these projects. Pre-set cost centres are set in the employee file; however should an employee be employed in
additional cost centres during the pay period, then these can be simply included during the pay run. e-Cost™ will also produce and print a wide range of comprehensive costing analysis reports.

e-Cost™ allows for easy setup and maintenance of your Cost Centres from the one location with many advanced features;
• Pre-Set Cost Centres for each employee that are automatically available when processing pays.
• Create New Cost Centres during a pay run.
• Change Existing Cost Centres while processing pays.
• Add Cost Centres to employees when processing a pay run.
• Easy setup of GL Account Codes for Cost Centres.
• Setup Job Number/Cost Code for Cost Centres.
• Export to your existing Accounting Software.
• Comprehensive Reports available.


Same Cost Centres each pay period, no problem!
If an employee’s pay gets allocated to the same cost centres every pay period then these cost centres can
be pre-set in the employee file and will automatically appear on the employee’s pay envelope while processing a pay.


You can also have different Cost Centres each pay period!
If the employee’s pay needs to be allocated to an additional cost centre/s other than those pre-set, then this
can be easily achieved during a pay run simply be selecting the Cost Centre from the available list.


Need to create new cost centres during a pay run? You can do that too!
New Cost Centres can be easily created or existing Cost Centres can be edited during a pay run.


Comprehensive Reports are available!
A number of Reports are available to be printed or exported in many different formats.


Easy export to your existing Accounting Software!
Export your Cost Centres totals into any Accounting Software that has an import facility.

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