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Using Australian payroll software like e-PayDay, you can get past the days of manual data entry and frequent payroll errors. With e-PayDay, it’s easy to automate virtually every stage of the payroll process, saving your staff considerable time and headache every time payday rolls around.


Here are just a few of the ways that e-PayDay can make your life easier through automation:


  • Time and Attendance Tracking: e-PayDay isn’t just one of the best pieces of payroll software available in Australia. It is also a program that can integrate with several auxiliary tools, including state-of-the-art tools for time and attendance tracking. Our time and attendance devices use biometric solutions to prevent ‘buddy punching' and other tactics that employees use to ‘beat' payroll trackers. Using pin codes, key cards or fingerprints, we can accurately track attendance and work hours and attribute those statistics to the right employee. Your time and attendance solution can then deliver this information directly to your payroll software every payday.

  • Pay Processing: Each payday, e-PayDay’s Australian payroll software processes timesheets or biometric time and attendance information and uses it to calculate all your employees' salaries. Once the correct payment amounts have been calculated, the software can also automate direct deposits to the banks, and email pay slips to each employee. In other words, you don't have to worry about processing your employee wages, because e-PayDay will do it for you.

  • Government Compliance: We are always updating the e-PayDay payroll software so that it remains compliant with the latest government legislation and regulations. For example, the software automatically calculates employee PAYG tax, to make sure that your business is ATO compliant at the end of each year. We also offer multiple SuperStream services, which you can use to keep your superannuation payments above board as well.


These factors don’t even constitute all the automation capabilities that e-PayDay has to offer. Our software can also calculate leave accruals, termination pay-outs and more.


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From our payroll software, which is among the best and most affordable payroll software on the market, to our biometric time and attendance tools, we can give you the assets you need to manage payroll more seamlessly than ever before. Call us on 1300 EPAYDAY to learn more about our various payroll solutions.


e-PayDay: Serving Small Businesses and Large Enterprises Alike


Functions of our payroll software program for small businesses.


  • We haven’t just tried to create a payroll software program for small business.

  • we have aimed to build a payroll program that can work for any business—regardless of size or industry.


Today, we are proud to say that we have achieved our goal of making a payroll program that could be everything to everyone. From horticultural workers to the construction industry, all the way to the office buildings of some of Australia’s premier corporations, our software has simplified payroll tasks for all types of business.


Still, even though e-PayDay is used by some substantial, very major businesses, that doesn't mean that it isn't a good choice for your company's first payroll software. On the contrary, we have variations of our product that are intended for businesses with smaller workforces and lower overheads. All our software products include essential payroll tools—including time and attendance tracking and automatic pay calculation and processing.


Features for Choosing Payroll Software for Small Businesses: Easy Customer Support Access


As you shop for payroll software for your small business, make sure you don't overlook customer support features. Often, businesses will forget customer support in their payroll software—simply because they are focusing on the features that pertain directly to employee tracking and pay processing. While those features are important, it’s also vital to have someone or something to fall back on if you run into technical difficulties with your software. In other words, the best payroll software for small business will always include ample customer support options.


At e-PayDay, we have been vigilant in incorporating strong customer support features into our software. No matter what tier of e-PayDay you purchase, you will get free access to telephone support, desktop support and remote payroll training. These features are included in the price of your software subscription—whether you are using the version of our software meant for 1-5 employees or the version designed to support companies that have 1,500 employees.


Our support options make it easy to resolve any issues you might run into while using e-PayDay. Do you have a question about how to access a particular feature? Give us a call, and one of our telephone support associates will answer your query. Are you having a technical issue with e-PayDay that you can’t figure out? We can remotely access your desktop to see the problem for ourselves and find a way to fix it. We can also use this remote access technique to give you and your payroll staff a tutorial on how to use e-PayDay.


With e-PayDay’s incredible customer support features, you will never have to worry about running into a problem with your small business payroll software that you can’t solve. To learn more about our software and our free customer support, call us on 1300 EPAYDAY.

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