Why Our Cloud Payroll System is Right for You

When discerning a payroll system it is important to consider features would you get from choosing cloud vs choosing desktop. We have outlined the key differences between these two platforms.

The Difference Between Desktop Payroll and Cloud Payroll

So what is the difference between e-PayDay's desktop and cloud payroll software? Both of our systems can be used to serve the same functions in your workplace. For example:



  • They both automate the payroll process, including calculations of PAYG, accruals, termination pays and other key reporting requirements.

  • They both have tiers to choose from, depending on the number of employees on your payroll.

  • They both are versatile enough to suit the payroll needs of virtually any business

  • They can both email payslips directly to your employees.

  • They both let you maintain payroll information and records for an unlimited number of terminated employees.

  • They are both compliant with the ATO and the Fair Work Commission.

  • They are both backed up by top-tier customer service and support, including both phone and online assistance.

  • They can both process payments in a matter of minutes or hours—rather than days or weeks.

So Why Choose A Cloud Payroll System?

When you opt for a cloud payroll system you reap the benefits that come with it. These include:

  • Remote access. If you need to travel you can ensure your payroll is completed.

  • No backing up required- If your computer or network has issues you can be assured your information is not lost.

  • No manual updates required.


We support both Mac and Windows computers, plus iPads or Android devices.


Choosing the Right Payroll Solution for You


Ultimately, then, which option you choose will depend on your lifestyle and business style. Businesses spread across multiple locations benefit from being able to access payroll information from anywhere. This advantage is especially pronounced given the fact that e-PayDay allows an unlimited number of users to access its cloud payroll system at once. With this feature, the managers at your different business locations can manage payroll at the same time without worrying about technical difficulties.

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