e-PayDay® 750 Hosted Monthly Subscription (up to 750 Employees / 25 Companies)

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e-PayDay® is securely Hosted on Australian Servers, running seamlessly with a stable internet connection on most Apple, Windows and Android devices. e-PayDay® 750 Hosted is ideal for Large Enterprises processing payroll for up to 25 Companies with up to 750 Current and UNLIMITED Terminated Employees per Company.

Your Monthly subscription includes,

  • e-PayDay® Hosted to manage your payroll obligations.
  • The e-PayDay® SuperStream Gateway, to process your SuperSteam submissions.
  • Remote Desktop and Telephone Support
  • Upgrades and updates with incorporating New Features, Taxation, Superannuation and Legislative changes).
  • Cost Centres, allowing you to ‘break down’ costs per Employee and Location.
  • Award Interpretation, automatically convert times based on the rules you have set.

The Fine Print: Please allow up to 2 business days after your order has been placed and paid for your account to be established / accessible to you. If you have chosen Direct Deposit,a Direct Debit Authority will be emailed to you for authorisation of all future deductions. The e-PayDay® SuperStream Gateway is available for new customers only, when purchased directly from e-PayDay®. Please contact us on 07 3049 1860 to establish your account once purchased. View the Hosted Terms and Conditions here.

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