Keep Track of Payroll and Attendance at the Same Time: Buy e-PayDay's Time Clock System in Australia

Time, attendance and payroll all go hand in hand, particularly if your business pays some or most of its employees on an hourly basis. Why is it, then, that not all payroll software includes features for automatically tracking attendance and hours?

Too often, businesses (small ones especially) resort to inefficient methods for tracking employee time—from time sheets to Bundy clocks. Even if you have software to track attendance, it might be separate from your payroll software—leading to additional licences, subscriptions, maintenance needs and expenses.

A System That Combines the Time Clock and the Payroll Tracking

At e-PayDay, we did the only thing that seemed logical to us: we made it easy to combine payroll tracking and employee time tracking into one convenient and interconnected system. Our time clock system is the ideal replacement for your old time sheets, allowing you to manage time and attendance at multiple sites from a home or office PC.

The process starts with our proprietary time clock devices. These powerful Australian time clock systems aren't just Bundy clocks dressed up in modern technology. On the contrary, they are fully biometric systems, capable of managing not only time and attendance tracking but also access control. The biometric features also help prevent the trend of 'buddy punching' in the workplace. The system can identify your employees, to ensure that no one is leaving work early and having a co-worker do their punch out at the end of the day.

This proprietary time clock system is not only a powerful piece of hardware, but it also has built-in software. This software keeps track of employee time and attendance and lets you monitor it from the cloud. You can access the information from anywhere and at any time. The software makes it easy for employers or managers to monitor their workplaces—even when they aren't there in person.

Of course, e-PayDay Pty Ltd is first and foremost a payroll solutions company, having served that market since 1987. Our roots make their way into our time clock system and make it even more ideal for Australia businesses. Indeed, our biometric time and attendance tracking systems integrate easily with all payroll systems—including e-PayDay Desktop or e-PayDay Cloud. With a good payroll program and our Australian time clock system, you can seamlessly convert hours and attendance figures into pay for your employees. Processing payments for hourly employees has never been faster or more convenient.

Buy Our Time Clock System Today

Are you ready to retire your Bundy clock or eliminate 'buy more time sheets' from your to-do list? Make the whole process electronic, by buying a time clock system from e-PayDay. Our time clock devices and web-based attendance tracking systems start at a very low cost and come with full help and support services to help you get to grips with the system.

Learn more about our time clock systems in Australia. Call us today on 1300 EPAYDAY.

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