Buy a Time and Attendance System to Prevent Fraud

It’s a series of identical numbers. You stare, perplexed, at a collection of time cards - wondering how two employees always seem to share the same seconds. They somehow arrive with mere breaths of each other, each punching-in in rapid succession, leaving you confused. One instance (and perhaps even two) could be a coincidence, but you have a week’s worth of suspiciously close timestamps. Something isn’t right. You suspect a buddy system.

The dreaded buddy system proves the frustration of many companies - with employees taking advantage of traditional attendance software, relying on their friends to punch their cards when they’re running late. This method undermines the payroll process, creating false hours and too-high payments.

Allow e-PayDay to change this. Since 1986 we’ve connected companies to custom time and attendance systems in Australia. Through our suite of bespoke features - such as biometric clocks and remote door access functions - we promote precise punch-outs, with our software streaming every entry and exit point in real-time; and, to counter card manipulation, we also provide a series of identification protocols, each promising accurate (honest) results. To learn more about an Australia time and attendance system contact us today via our online form. We’ll happily answer any questions or concerns about our automated platforms.

Protect Against Fraud: Buy a Time and Attendance System

With every traditional time and attendance system comes the chance for deception. Flimsy cards boast no protections, requiring nothing more than an idle hand to manipulate them. This system leads to lost profits and wasted effort for employers.

Our time and attendance system in Australia provides much greater security. It offers an integrated CMOS camera, which syncs automatically to the biometric clock - taking photos with every accepted (and rejected) interaction and sending those pictures to the server. This system enables our clients to quickly cross-reference employee identification and verify the use of every time card. It eliminates the possibility of punch-out fraud.

To further safeguard each company, images stored on our Australia time and attendance system can be easily saved, stored, and accessed via the custom event log, allowing operators to scan pixels in real-time, enhancing every operation seamlessly. All photos are also downloadable to promote quick back-ups. Combat the buddy system, and contact e-PayDay to buy a time and attendance system for your company.


Choosing a Time and Attendance System: Our Solutions

Through its advanced CMOS camera, our time and attendance system promises streamlined punch-outs. We believe, however, that our clients deserve more than just security. They also deserve convenience.

This is why we pair each time and attendance system in Australia with:

  • Wall-Mountable Design.

  • Remote Door Access.

  • Custom Messaging Software.

  • Real-Time Client and Server Responses.

These features allow our time and attendance system to perform optimally for every client, ensuring total control over every operation.

Want to redefine your work culture? Buy a time and attendance system today. Request a free trial download by phone (1300-372-932) or by contacting us at our head office (1/11 Creek Street, Redcliffe QLD, 4020).

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