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The hours pass with relentless consistency - with every second the same as the one that came before and every breath spaced between the tick of a clock. It’s yet another lost afternoon, with you hunched at your desk, trying to decipher punch cards. All employee efforts must be carefully calculated, and you find yourself sighing at the tall stack that remains. All of these numbers demand an excess of time and effort, and too many days have been spent trying to determine the proper decimal points. You need a new solution. You need time and attendance software.

Allow e-PayDay to provide the technology you crave. Since 1986 we’ve served as the premier supplier of time and attendance software in Australia - enabling our clients to transform their operations. We deliver a series of bespoke strategies, each intended to promote simplicity; and we offer companies ways to better control their schedules and improve their productivities. We promise efficiency.

We also promise comprehensive support, fusing our Australia time and attendance software with dedicated service. Our team is always eager to provide assistance, and they strive to quickly answer all questions (sparing our clients the frustration of lengthy waiting periods). To learn more, contact us today on 1300-372-932.

Buy Time and Attendance Software: Our Solutions

No longer suffer through tedious punch card counting. Rely instead on our time and attendance software, creating a platform tailored to your specific company needs. We offer a suite of innovative features - each creating automated ease within every work culture.

  • Biometric Clock: our time and attendance software in Australia produces precise card readings, utilising a biometric clock to track employee entrances, exits, and punch-outs continually. You can then display this information in real-time via a web browser.

  • Remote Access: with each installation of our time and attendance software, clients can use remote access technology - allowing them to control each door as needed.

  • Clock Access Manager: buying time and attendance software enables companies to bolster their security methods, requiring employee identification verification and providing constant door monitoring.

Through these features, our time and attendance software ensures seamless operations - delivering easy access to accurate, time-stamped data, which allows each client to determine weekly employee efforts quickly and streamlines the payroll process. To learn more about our time and attendance software in Australia contact us today. We’ll happily answer any questions about our signature biometric technology and automated scans.

A Promise of Service: Buy Time and Attendance Software

Stress too often defines your day. We seek to alleviate that stress, pairing your shopping experiences with superior support. With all time and attendance software comes readily available technicians, offering simple answers (by phone or through remote access) to every question. They ensure that every client can both install and interface with each solution.

To schedule a consultation with e-PayDay contact us via our online form. We’ll promptly respond to all enquiries and will help you set-up a free trial account, connecting you to improved time management.


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